We provide assistance both on the side of sellers and purchasers, during all the phases of the transactions, from due diligence to post closing, providing full range legal assistance.

The experience accrued gives us an in-depth knowledge of the most common and best practices of the M&A market; our experience allow us to provide a full and reliable service, interacting with the key figures of the company and other consultants involved in the negotiations.

Our typical client is the enterpreneur that we assist during the phase of the sale of its company or at the time when industrial or financial partners make their entry into the company capital.

We provide assistance in the sale and purchase of shares, companies and going concerns (also from distressed companies) and in the execution of agreements aimed at the entry in the company capital of new partners.

We rely on a strong network of professionals that may be involved during the acquisition process, also when appropriate depending on the business sector of the target company.

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